Camilia’s repertoire includes the most beautiful and impressive oriental dance genres, which can be used to create a fantastic show, which will become the show of the night and will be remembered by the guests. The length and variety of the show is adjusted to the needs of the client.

The offer:

*solo program – Oriental Show

*oriental dance revue  (2,3 dancers)

*shows for a bridal shower – including a dance class

One of the occasions to learn dancing are, especially popular nowadays, bridal showers combined with a belly dance lesson. The group can contain any number of participants. The classes can take place on a week day, also in late evenings, in a rented dance room or a place chosen by the client.

A dance lesson on such a day can be not only a very pleasant and unique experience but also result in acquiring new skills which can prove useful in the future. May they live happily ever after…